4275 NW 1 STREET, MIAMI, FL 33126     PH: (305) 445-1351 FX: (305) 567-3530


Kinloch Park Elementary will ensure that each student participates in an educational program that facilitates academic and developmental growth. By providing activities that increase problem solving and critical thinking, Kinloch Park Elementary will empower its students with important life skills. In turn, this will allow students to become productive, contributing members of an increasingly diverse community.


The purpose of Kinloch Park Elementary School is to maximize the potential of each student and create a desire for life-long learning. Teachers, parents, and students will work together to foster an environment in which students are excited about learning and working at the peak of their abilities. We will challenge and inspire our children to become creative, critical thinkers. We will motivate our students to be problem solvers who can work independently and collaboratively. At Kinloch Park Elementary School, we expect our students to accept responsibility for their actions, respect one another, and make right choices.